The Secure Source Advantage

Secure Source provides its clientele with an individual point of contact at all times; communication is easy, efficient, and personal. This point of contact handles all aspects of your personalized security package including installations, maintenance, and management of the 24 hour live monitoring system.

Secure Source's Central Monitoring System, or CMS, provides clientele with complete peace of mind. Our live monitoring virtual guards are on patrol 24/7 to ensure that our clientele and their assets are being protected. Our high tech monitoring facility at the Secure Source headquarters enables our guards to give our clientele their full, undivided attention and also allows for quick easy connection to the proper authorities when an incident occurs. Secure Source also offers traditional guard services.

With a system that never sleeps and the latest, most advanced technology, Secure Source can assure its clientele that no unauthorized movement goes undetected. At Secure Source we pride ourselves on offering our clientele options when creating their personalized security package. We offer both Hard Powered Units and Mobile Solar Units, no matter where the job site, Secure Source has you covered!