Hard Powered Units

Secure Source's Hard Powered Units provide the same top of the line security and surveillance as the Mobile Solar Units but provide an even more cost effective option for less remote areas; these compact units are powered by a single 110 volt outlet. Combined with our live 24 hour monitoring virtual guards, 24 hour digital recording, and high quality, easy to access internet video, this unit allows for unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

  • • Requires a 110 volt outlet
  • • Detects and Deters Theft
  • • Detects and Deters Internal Theft
  • • Tamper Proof/No Exposed Wiring
  • • 24 Hour Digital Recording
  • • Accessible for Online Viewing
  • • Live Remote Monitoring Available
  • • Flexible Camera Options
  • • Stores at Least 7 Days of Footage


HPU Unit
HPU Unit