Why Secure Source Mobile Camera Unit Hard Powered Unit

Welcome to Secure Source!

Secure Source was founded in 2005 by Jay Leonard. At the time, Jay was working for a large home builder in the Phoenix area and was responsible for the safety and security of his company's many job sites. Jay soon realized the imminent need for an honest, hard working security company to secure and monitor aggregate and commercial job sites. In 2007, brothers Cooper and Britton Black joined Jay and the Secure Source team, and are currently co-owners. Jay, Cooper, and Britton strive to provide their clientele with the most up to date, advanced technology on the market.

Secure Source began exploring solar power technology in 2007. It was then that the Mobile Solar Unit, the company's most popular product, was developed. Specializing in securing and monitoring construction, aggregate, and commercial sites, Secure Source has expanded its reach from Arizona to Nevada, California, Utah, and Alaska.

At Secure Source, we are constantly testing new, more advanced technology to ensure that we always provide our clients with the highest quality of security and surveillance service possible.

Secure Source USA, Giving you Peace of Mind.